Web II: Front-end Development

(Please download this Introductory PDF…)

Assignment 01: Front-end Development

Use Photoshop and/or Illustrator to mock-up a robust website for a local restaurant of your choice (no national chains or franchises). This of this as the blueprint that would be handed off to a development team who would implement all the actual coding and site building. But you would want to *show* as much as possible. A site structure, visual effects, specify colors and type, etc.

Then… research! What does a great website (particularly for a restaurant) look like? How does it work? What is featured, what is excluded?

Now stop browsing and get to work! Don’t get lost in the googlenets!

Create the following pages with a 1024x768px viewing area and 72ppi:
Locations/ Directions /Hours
Contact, History
Articles (blog)
(Or some similar configuration of these pages… at least 5 pages)
PLUS!  an abbreviated mobile version


If your chosen restaurant already has a site, you will represent any and all content currently on the site, but you can add new content if it is beneficial.

Your site should bear no resemblance to the actual site.

You can download browser safe-area templates and browser elements from DesignersToolbox.com. Indicate rollover effects and other interactivity.

Focus on design
Research best-practices in contemporary web design
Understand the designer/developer relationship
Give great design to those in your area

Project Components:

  • A site with at least 5 pages
  • An accompanying mobile version

We will critique your sites on-screen as PDFs
You will submit a final PDF that shows all pages and (with indications of their various forms of interactivity) as the finished project

Critique: Thr Sept 3
Due: Thr Sept 10

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