Symbols: Lettermark

O by Jessica Hische
O by Jessica Hische

Each of you will create a symbol for a page from a children’s alphabet book. The symbol will be a lettermark. Keep in mind the numerous functional requirements of a mark as you design (memorability, identification, linking, and so on).

The solution for the symbol will be a combination of the letter you are assigned and a familiar and easily identifiable word which begins with that letter. The word must be something a small child can identify with, i.e. an animal, toy, food, etc.

Keep in mind that this is for a children’s book. The letter you create and the word used to make it need to be synonymous with each other. This is a symbol, not an illustration. The visual should be simple, strong and bold.


  • To familiarize yourself with a lettermark and it’s appropriateness
  • To increase your ability as a planner and form giver
  • To develop an awareness of the relationship between design and meaning
  • To increase and improve the quality idea generation (quality & quantity)


You will be required to maintain thorough documentation of your process throughout this and all assignments in this class. Keep a collection of everything pertaining to this project (project sheet, research, sketches, thumbnails, copies, etc.) and bring it to each class meeting. This collection will be turned in at the completion of this assignment and will be part of your final grade.

Good design is the synthesis of form, content and function. Maintaining this integrity will advance design as a profession and is a socially responsible philosophy.


  • One (1) lettermark
  • Process notebook


  • The mark will comfortably float in a comp measuring 4″x4″.
  • The lettermark will be reproduced in black and white only.
  • Output must be clean, sharp and of professional standards.
  • The finished designs will be mounted on a black board measuring 10″x15″




  • Wed Feb 10 Begin Project 02: Children’s Book Lettermark.
  • Mon Feb 15 A minimum of 27 thumbnails due, nine to a page, at the beginning of class.
  • Wed Feb 17 Large scale comps of three top thumbnails turned in at the beginning of class.
  • Mon Feb 22 Computer generated comp of best rough due.
  • Wed Feb 24 Revised computer generated comps due.
  • Mon Feb 29 Project 02: Children’s Book Lettermark Due.

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