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AT&T logo by Saul Bass, featured at
AT&T logo by Saul Bass, featured at


Redesigning a corporate identity mark is not an easy task, yet it is one of the most frequent challenges a professional designer will face. Companies may wish to update or completely redesign their mark for several reasons. Most often it has to do with the mark looking out-dated. Therefore, when designing a strong identity mark, it is wise to steer away from trendy typography or visual effects. Occasionally a company may wish to redesign their mark due to mergers, expanded services, or negative connotations.

For this assignment, you will choose an identity mark in need of redesign. Create three (3) identity marks for the company. The mark classifications (pictograph, wordmark, lettermark, abstract) you select should be appropriate for your client. In the thumbnail stage you will experiment with all these classifications. At least ONE OF THE FINAL THREE MARKS MUST BE A WORDMARK. Keep in mind the numerous functional requirements of a mark as you design (memorability, identification, linking, classification and so on).


  • To familiarize yourself with mark classification and appropriateness
  • To increase your ability as a planner and form giver
  • To develop an awareness of the relationship between design and meaning
  • To increase and improve the quality idea generation (quality & quantity)


You will be required to maintain thorough documentation of your process throughout this and all assignments in this class. Keep a collection of everything pertaining to this project (project sheet, research, sketches, thumbnails, copies, etc.) and bring it to each class meeting. This collection will be turned in at the completion of this assignment and will be part of your final grade.

Good design is the synthesis of form, content and function. Maintaining this integrity will advance design as a profession and is a socially responsible philosophy.


  • Three (3) black and white identity marks
  • Process notebook


Each of the three identity marks will comfortably float in a comp measuring 4″x 4″. Output must be clean, sharp and of professional standards.

A brief company description, i.e. company name and nature of business, must be indicated below each version in 10pt Helvetica Bold and Regular (as you did on the previous assignment).

Each design will be mounted on a separate black board measuring 10″x15″.



Mon Feb 29 – Begin Project
Wed Mar 02 – 27 Thumbnails
Mon Mar 07 – 3 Drawings  Due
Wed Mar 09 – Digital Comps Due
Mon Mar 14 – Spring Break / No classes
Wed Mar 16 – Spring Break / No classes
Mon Mar 21 – Final Versions Due

Before & After at Brand New
Sbarro at Brand New

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