Symbols: Symbol Booklet


Part of your final project includes a small booklet containing each of the symbol projects you’ve created over the course of the semester. The layout should be minimal, and each project should be presented just as it was on the boards when you turned them in. Therefore, it’s not a particularly creative exercise, as much as formatting them to print as a booklet. However, you may use the cover as an opportunity to design something interesting and unique.

You can create you booklet in InDesign, and the using the Print Booklet (File > Print Booklet) feature to create a PDF with all the pages in the right spots.

Another technique is to print all of the projects in a row on a long, skinny piece of paper and use an accordion fold (or french fold)  to create your pages.

Use a tasteful binding technique to hold the pages together. Either saddle-stitch or a metal spiral binding works.

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