MICROPUBLISHING: Poetry Zine / Chapbook


Your next zine will not be your own writing, but that of a poet. Your assignment is to create a zine that merges type and image in an expressive and reflective way. This zine will be a poetry chapbook that synthesizes the words of a chosen poet, with your creative and expressive imagery.

There are going to be a few rules to follow for this project, but try not to think of them as limitations, so much as opportunities for expression.

  1. 20 pages (including covers)
  2. Black and white, unless…
  3. No internet images whatsoever
  4. You may print the text once (make copies, enlargements, etc. from that)

In particular, I want you to think about illustration vs. interpretation. Are the images/layouts you are creating showing the reader what they’re reading in the text? Or is it adding to the impact of the text by doing something else?

Project Timeline

Wed Sept 21 – Begin Project / Get text
Mon Sept 26 – Review progress
Wed Sept 28 – Group Critique
Mon Oct 03 – Implement Changes
Wed Oct 05 – Project Due

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