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James Victore hates racism
James Victore hates racism


He also hates Disney
He also hates Disney
and he doesn't know the secret of the universe.
and he doesn’t know the secret of the universe.

Your objective for this project is to create a compelling, powerful, visually magnetic poster on the theme of anti-gun violence and/or a reaction against hate and violence in general, utilizing expressive hand-lettering and to be exhibited Dec 12, 2016 – Feb 12, 2017 in the Studio Gallery.


20″ x 30″
It should feature hand-lettering
It should be a poster “against guns, hate, and violence in youth culture”


Mon Oct 24: Begin / Research / Sketch
Wed Oct 26: Refine sketches
Mon Oct 31: Move into Illustrator
Wed Nov 02: Work
Mon Nov 07: Group Critique
Wed Nov 09: Work
Mon Nov 14: Work
Wed Nov 16: Project Due


Sometimes, a great typeface can convey great power and even emotional content. But there are times when a conventional font just won’t do.

Fucking A by Paula Scher
Fucking A by Paula Scher

… this project represents one of those times.

As far as content goes, we can all agree that gun violence sucks. We can all agree that racism sucks, hate in any form is not welcome in our society. But how can you find a new and compelling way of making that clear?

A few designers always spring to mind when I think about hand-lettering: James Victore, Paula Scher, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (The Four), and a handful of others.

Wes Wilson
Wes Wilson

Luba Lukova doesn’t particularly need text for this poster to have a powerful message.

Luba Lukova
Luba Lukova

Seymour Chwast used humor in this anti-war poster…

Seymour Chwast Archive
Seymour Chwast Archive
Shigeo Fukuda from 1975
Shigeo Fukuka from 1968
Seripop • Pop Montreal

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