Type + Image: Typographic Storytelling


For your FINAL PROJECT in Type + Image:

You will pick a haiku at random from the mystical haiku bowl.

Your task is to reinterpret the haiku as a small, 8-page booklet. You must design the front and back covers, as well as three interior spreads.

You may use any kind of typography you would like to tell the story. All words in the haiku must be used, but no other words. However, you may repeat words or phrases. Imagery can be used freely to compliment the typography. The kind of imagery, i.e. found images, photography, illustration, etc. is up to the designer. However, they must be appropriate resolution and quality. No pixels! There are no color limitations.


  • To increase your ability as a planner and form giver
  • To Develop an awareness of the relationship between design and meaning
  • To increase and improve quality idea generation
  • To increase conceptual skills
  • To increase your understanding and appreciation for typographic subtlety


You will be required to maintain thorough documentation of your process throughout this and all assignments in this calss. Keep a collection of everyting pertaining to this project (research, sketches, copies, etc.) and bring it to each class meeting. This collection will be turned in at the completion of this assignment and will be part of your final grade.


  • 6″ x 6″ saddle-stitched booklet
  • Process notebook


6″ x 6″ booklet, including covers and 3 double-page spreads


  • Wed Nov 16 – Begin research / thumbnails / sketches
  • Mon Nov 21 – Digital comps due
  • Wed Nov 23 -Thanksgiving Break (No Class)
  • Mon Nov 28 – Revisions Due
  • Wed Nov 30 – Individual Critique
  • Mon Dec 05 – Revisions
  • Wed Dec 07 – Project Due

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