Type+Image: New WPA Posters

Project Brief:

The Works Progress Administration  generated hundreds of posters, murals, and other works of art. Many of the pieces were reflective of the time: after WWI, into WWII, with traces of Art Deco.

Your assignment is to design a *new* WPA poster. Something that encourages good ideas like voting, environmental conservation, or other positive ideas. (There are plenty of things to make posters against, but part of your objective in this case is to find a positive approach.)

ALL IMAGES utilized in this poster will come from your own hands/process. NO INTERNET images. That’s not to say that an image from the internet can’t serve as reference or part of some kind of process, but no copy/pasting.

Your poster is to be 18”x24” with no more than 3 base colors. Remember, white (or what ever your paper color is, doesn’t count as a color, but black or anything else does. You can even use colors to overlap to create more colors. Like we discussed in class.

And finally, your poster will have a simple animated version, using either the frame-by-frame or video timeline methods demonstrated in class.

View hundreds of WPA posters here. 

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