Publication Design: Editorial Redesign

For your first project, you will redesign a 2-page spread from a print publication. Your objective is to synthesize the form and content of the article. This means, you will need to read the article and try to understand the point of view of the author. Then you create a layout that supports that meaning… a healthy relationship of form and function.

Keep in mind, your objective is to redesign the article. Don’t rely on what’s already there. You should design not only a new layout, but also use new type, new images, new color, etc.

Speaking of new typography, carefully consider your type pairing (1, 2).

Also, develop a 6 or 8 column grid as the underlying structure for your article. Draw 15 layout thumbnails on the provided paper for Thursday.

Tue Jan 23: Begin Project
Thr Jan 25: Review thumbnail sketches / Begin layout in InDesign
Tue Jan 30: Discuss layout / Work Day
Thr Feb 01: Group Critique / Bring printed 8×10 pages
Tue Feb 06: Implement changes / Continue Development
Thr Feb 08: Individual Critique / Work Day
Tue Feb 13: Implement changes / Work Day
Thr Feb 15: Project Due – 2-pages mounted on black matboard

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