Publication Design: Your Booklet


  • Subject: Something important to you
  • Dimensions: At least 7″x9″
  • Page-count: At least 12 pages
  • Format: Booklet
  • Binding: Saddle-stitch (staple)
  • Full-color
  • Try to balance words and images
  • Implement a grid
  • Utilize dynamic layout
  • Make the imagery your own
  • I *prefer* you write the copy

A note about your subject:
Please choose something that is unique, meaningful, or otherwise important to you. It should be something about which you would *want* to write a small book. It should also be something for which you could create interesting images. Also, choose something you could share with others.
In other words, try to avoid a subject that’s SOOOO personal that no one else could relate. However, this isn’t a brochure, either. So avoid topics sooo general that they have nothing interesting or connective about them.
It’s not an academic paper, per se. But you want to strike a balance between subjectivity with relatability.

TIMELINE – 2 weeks
Thr Feb 15: Begin / Research / Sketch
Tue Feb 20: Review concepts
Thr Feb 22: Work Day
Tue Feb27: Group Critique
Thr Mar 01: Implement Changes/Work Day
Tue Mar 06: Project Due

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