Publication: Editorial Design


📝 Details:

  • Cover, Feature Spread, and Following Spread
  • 8.5×11 pages
  • Turn in on 15×20 black matboard
  • You can keep the article in its original magazine, or choose a different publication if you want.
  • Focus on clear concepts.
  • But the concept has to be quickly understood. Bad type, inconsistent grids, and other mistakes will compromise the best concepts.
  • Create a dynamic composition that will stop people flipping through the magazine.
  • Show your ideas to other people without explaining it. Do they understand?

⏱ Timeline:
Critique: Tues April 3rd
Due: Tues April 17 Thr April 19

🔗 Links:
Against gun control / pro-gun:

For gun control / anti-gun:

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